95% of who we are when we are 35 years old consists of automatic behaviors, emotional reactions, unconscious habits, fixed attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function like a computer system.

If you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny and you cannot think bigger than you feel or if the feelings have become the meaning of thinking then….. people wake up in the morning, they start thinking about the problems, these problems are circles, memories in the brain and every memory is connected to people and things at certain times and places in the past. This means that your day begins with thinking about the past.

Each of these memories has an emotion. Emotions are the end product of events in the past. So the moment they remember their problems they suddenly feel unhappy, sad or experienced pain.

How you think and how you feel creates your state of pain so when you begin your day like this, you begin in the past. And this known past will sooner or later become the predictable future.

So if you believe that your thoughts are related to your destiny and you cannot think bigger than how you feel or feelings have become the meaning of thinking then you are thinking about the past. For the most part, you will create the same life over and over again.

“You grab your mobile, check whatsapp, text, email, facebook, take a picture of their breakfast and put it on instagram or FB, tweet some, check the news and now they feel connected again to everything so familiar in their lives and then they make some routine behaviors like getting out of bed, take a shower, get dressed, drive to work, do the same thing, see the same people, pressing the same emotional buttons that becomes a routine like a program; you have lost your free will to a program and no one or anything does that to them.

5% of our conscious mind can say ‘I want to be happy, I want to be healthy, I want to be free but the body (subconscious) is running a completely different program so how are you going to make those changes?

You have to get past the analytical brain. Because what the conscious brain separates from the unconscious is the analytical brain and meditation is very good for that. You can learn to change your brainwaves, slow them down and give it access to the programming system and then you can make important changes. Also MatriX method is an excellent method to reset this programming system in your head. Actually the combination of both is a unique tool.

Most people only start it when they experience a crisis, a trauma, illness or diagnosis or wait for loss or something tragic and only then decide to change. But why? Why wait?

You can learn from pain and frustration but also from pleasure and inspiration.

What is so difficult to let go of trauma?

The stronger the emotional reaction you have to a certain experience, the more attention you pay to the cause. The focus on the cause is the ‘snapshot’ of the memory.

Long term memories come from strong emotions and people think you have no control over them. When someone asks you ‘what is it’ they say I am in a bad mood. Oh yeah why? Something happened 5 days ago and I am emotional about it. You are not able to change these thoughts for 5 days or years. What it evokes becomes a kind of addiction to these emotions. You use these emotions as if it happened NOW, NOW.

The body read unconscious brain knows no difference between the experience that caused the emotion and the emotion created by the thought. Jet body believes that it is still alive in the past experience. Emotions affect thoughts and those have created emotions again…..

Not making the same choice as the day before that is the hardest part of changing!

The moment you decide to make another choice prepares you because it will feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar!

The thoughts are causing your feelings, if you think you are scared that gives a reaction to your emotion, your thoughts are going to control that and that confirms your feeling in your body.

For example…if you think of a disaster scenario in the future in your brain and you start to feel that emotion then your body does not know the difference between the event that takes place in your reality and what you only make up in your thoughts. Body is stronger than mind and is so conditioned. The power is now the master and your brain is subordinate to this power. Unknown = scary. Future = not known = uncertain. It is best to create from the unknown and not from the known. Which thoughts do you want to activate in your brain? What behaviors do you want to perform in one day?

Create with your eyes closed in your brain. The brain does not know the difference between creation or what has already taken place. So if you create something in your brain that has already taken place then your focus is

Folder for the future. Hardware becomes software, feeling your future before it actually happened as it did.

You don’t have to wait for success to feel powerful or not wait for health to feel abundance or wait for a new relationship to feel love, healing to feel whole.

Cause-effect old patterns. Why live your whole life with loss? Later when I have time, later when I am retired, later when……

Feel now = generate well-being, feel power now = way to success, feel whole now = way to healing, feel love now = love. Living as a victim because of that one person. If you turn around you become a creator. Your environment determines how you think and feel unconsciously. Being stronger than your surroundings.

Meditation = disconnecting from the environment, less stimuli, sitting still and doing nothing, back to the NOW (normally at 08.00 hours you are already stressed, you are in a traffic jam, you are used to anger and irritation, you have already checked your email, you have already judged etc etc etc, your body is already looking for a predictable chemical reaction.

Most people think your thoughts are the truth. When you become aware of your thoughts, your thoughts are not necessarily true. We have 60/70 thoughts a day and 90% are the same daily as the day before. And if your thoughts are your destiny, nothing much changes.

Same thoughts= same choice= same behavior= same experience= same emotion

Being aware of that process